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Family Seeds are symbols of family unity and togetherness. They contain family values and memories passed down from previous generations. Each seed serves as a rich source of strength and moral support and can be plucked from the family tree to be worn as a pendant when family members are apart, enabling them to cope in times of loneliness.
Brand repositioning
The Quaker Oats brand is deeply rooted in integrity, honesty and purity and for many years has been the brand of choice for hot cereal. The wholesome goodness of the Quaker oat provides nourishment for families, enabling them to share memorable breakfast meal times together. With the world changing, economies integrating, people migrating for work and better life, families living apart, Quaker Oats is faced with the threat that globalisation poses to its heritage, tradition and its ability to foster togetherness among families. For Quaker Oats to remain emotionally relevant in the future, it must find new ways to keep families together.

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