Product Design, Branding
Designed for the London urban youth, Urb Radio was conceived to embody Kiss’ values while serving as a lifestyle accessory to Kiss’ target listeners.
Client & target user profiles
Kiss is a UK radio station, which operates on FM and National DAB. Kiss 100 listeners are young and have a taste for urban, hip hop, R&B, and electronic dance music. Its target listeners are comfortable with the urban lifestyle on offer in the nation’s capital, and are usually seen in matching lifestyle accessories, and products which speak to their musical taste. This project aimed at creating a product which reflects these values - a product which strikes a balance between Kiss’ values and its target listeners’ culture/lifestyle, one which the London youth could identify with.
The idea for a kiss product was one which drew influences from urban fashion and the musical behaviour of listening to music on big head phones by Kiss’ target listeners. The hoody fashion sense and big head phones were abstracted to create an eye-catching product to exude the Kiss spirit and reflect the London urban vibe - a combination which speaks to Kiss’ brand values and the lifestyle of its listeners. 

Realising the product’s form factor took numerous alterations in the form of iterative blue foam models, as the look of the design on paper was not quite coming through during the modelling process. The final product was realised via hand-made wooden moulds as shown above, vacuum-formed polypropylene, spray-painting, drilling and vinyl-cutting.

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